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Nearby Places

Nearby Places of Interest to Admiral Court Motel Kaikoura

The motel is situated a short drive from the main town center, at this location you can enjoy some of Kaikoura’s best dining and fantastic views. Few places in the world can boast of such natural wonders as those offered by land and sea in Kaikoura. The seaside settlement is the most northern district in the Canterbury region located on the east coast of the South Island (an ideal location for both north and southbound travelers). 2.5 hours drive from Christchurch, 1.5 hours from Blenheim, and only 2 hours from Picton.

Kaikoura Waterfront

Two minutes walking distance

Only 2mins walk from Admiral Court Motel.

Taste a short wander around the Kaikoura seaside from Admiral Court Motel. Just a 2 minute walk from the old jetty on Wakatu Quay, and with great views back over the bay. Relax and take in the beautiful scenery on offer.


The Pier Hotel Restaurant and Bar

1 Avoca St, Kaikoura (1min walk)

Only a 1 minute walk from Admiral Court Motel (62m).

Tempt your taste buds and enjoy a variety of fresh Seafood and tender Steaks. Enjoy the magic views overlooking Ingles Bay and the Kaikoura Ranges. Friendly attentive service in a country style ambiance. Experience first hand why the Pier Hotel has been rated by locals and visitors alike as one of the BEST Seafood Restaurants this region has to offer.


Fyffe House

62 Avoca St, Kaikoura (6min walk)

Just a 6 minute walk from Admiral Court Motel (450m).

A link to Kaikoura’s past, Fyffe House is the town’s oldest surviving building and encompasses far more than a house site. A former whaling station, the house is unique because some of the foundations used whalebone in their construction, as well as in some of the original walls outside the main building. Today, visitors can take a tour of the house and get a real sense of life in 19th century Kaikoura, as well as see some current local art, inside the ad-hoc gallery in the house’s grounds.