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Kaikoura, New Zealand - Attractions and Activities

Kaikoura boasts natural wonders offered by land and sea. Stunning coastal alpine scenery and a host of eco-tourism oriented activities! Kaikoura is renowned for whale watching and is one of the few places in the world that these magnificent creatures can be seen year round. Dolphin and seal swimming, pelagic bird watching, fishing, diving and a large number of other land and water based activities are also available.

Welcome to Kaikoura

South Island, New Zealand
The unique combination of ocean and mountains never fails to leave visitors to Kaikoura in awe.
On the rugged east coast of New Zealand's South Island, the seaside settlement of Kaikoura is overlooked by majestic mountains which are snow capped for many months of the year. The township is located on a rocky peninsula, protruding from lush farmland beneath the mountains. In the waters off this peninsula, a complex marine system provides an abundantly rich habitat for marine mammals and seabirds making it an ideal place for getting 'close to nature'.
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Seal Swim Kaikoura

58 West End, Kaikoura, New Zealand
Join us for a totally unique experience seal swimming with New Zealand Fur Seals in their own spectacular environment on Kaikoura's beautiful coast!
Snorkelling with wild New Zealand Fur Seals, in the shallow waters of the beautiful Kaikoura Peninsula, truly is a unique experience. It's one of those simple nature experiences that opens your mind to the sheer magnificence of our natural environment and its amazing inhabitants. A breath taking nature activity. You won’t believe how curious, friendly and playful New Zealand Fur Seals can be in the water.
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Whale Watch Kaikoura

Whaleway Station Rd Kaikoura
Whale Watch is New Zealand's only vessel based whale watching company offering an exciting up-close encounter with the worlds largest toothed predator the Giant Sperm Whale in their natural environment at all times of the year.
Designed specially for whale watching, our modern catamarans are equipped with engines that minimise underwater noise and toilets that never pollute the sea. The main passenger cabin is enclosed and outside decks offer great viewing and photo opportunities. Spacious air-conditioned interiors are fitted with comfortable seating while large plasma screens display our award-winning marine wildlife animations.
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